Faster and Cheaper Internet

Faster and Cheaper Internet
Mahal ang internet sa PHL

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

A new telecom technology to solve traffic congestion in the Phil or even make internet faster

Faster and cheaper internet access for progress

Rizal Philippines
August 16, 2016

epole vs. monopole

One of the complaints of telco which is the reason why internet is slow is because  of high cap ex and high corruption rate by LGU in the installation of cell cites.   There are 25 signatures involved before cell sites can be up, not to mention grease money that run into 6 figures (Can Duterte govt reduce or eradicate that?)

So the technology has shifted from tower, to monopole (about 120 ft ) to e pole microcell (40 ff)

The business model being proposed is that of lease rather than sale.  (This requires high cap ex)

Will this be the answer to our internet woes?  Let us find out May be it will work for areas where there is traffic jam and congestion of users.

Well the  Peering MoA will do wonders and make us wonder less on who makes money on the HK node for all the internet  traffic.

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Developments that augur well for faster internet in the Philippines

Faster and cheaper internet access for progress

Rizal Philippines
August 13, 2016

There are several things that may mean the end of slow internet in the Philippines

1.  The creation of DICT (Department of  Information and Communication Technology.  It is headed by Sec.  Rodolfo Salalima.  It is expected that the Department will now be able to focus on issues concerning communication, one of which is internet speed, the second lowest in Asia;

Creation of DICT

2.  The MoA between PLDT and Globe for bilateral localized IP peering last June 2016  We are happy that this went through despite long periods of delay and acrimony.  We are glad the behemoths gave way for the public good

3.  The planned investment of the govt in broadband back bone;  (this will need billions)

And lately this post got an invitation from a business acquaintance to be a consultant and even investor in their group.  They will have a jv with the 40th wealthiest men in USA to bring faster internet in the Philippines   What is it kaya?

He refused to email me or give me details and we have yet to meet on Tuesday noon.  Watch out for this.  I hope he and I can deliver.

I can start being a critic and a pain in the neck of NTC and DOTC to start being part of the solution